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Our veterinary care is provided by Rossdale & Partners who have excellent facilities. During the season the stud has daily attendance by the vet and are backed by their 24-hour veterinary service, if needed.


One of the best things about Northmore is that it is located within a few minutes of the Rossdale Hospital which means any problems can be dealt with quickly no matter what time of the day. We have found this to be of the up-most importance particularly in the season.


Another advantage with Northmore’s location is that if you have a horse at the hospital not quite ready to travel home and you would like to keep it somewhere else but still close to the vet we are willing to help.


Once the season is over the next thought is the Sales and we do Sales Preparation for Mares, Yearlings and Foals if required and have the benefit of a covered horse walker and lunge ring which eliminates the problems of the weather.


We make a speciality of both boarding and walking in Mares and over the years have built up a good relationship with all the Stallion Studs and a reputation of ‘getting things right’.

Northmore is a Stud where peace and tranquillity truly reigns